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i dedicate this album to my darling wife ana and to all the other people who keep me going - andres el pez


released November 2, 2012

guitar/ vocals/ noises - andres morales
sound clips recorded belong to their respective owners



all rights reserved


the sound of children Murrieta, California

making the music no one wants to hear

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Track Name: Eyepatch Andy (stephan)
in this ugly world your all i have the only thing that i live for and yet all i do is hurt you all i do is the things you hate
Track Name: Hollywood's Magic Died With My Innocence (lev)
work, consume, die, stay in your place, stay in line
give up hope be happy
we tell you this is happiness, this IS happiness
realize that this is all there is and abandon your dreams
realize that this is all there is in your sad life
Track Name: And With This My Emotions Will Become a Joke (micheal)
i am a loser
i was a loser then
i will always be
(run away)
ill always run away
ill always let you down
ill always break your heart
something inside me is seriously wrong so yell at me and throw me out
Track Name: "Killing to Stop a Killer" (rosa)
and its sad because it shows how weak i am
but its because of you that i live my life the way i do
that these monsters in my head keep me up
i AM scared, i AM broken, i AM weak
you ruined me and im worthless for letting you
i let you both in one to destroy my pride and confidence the other to lie and break what was once a heart
these scars are inside, they NEVER heal
even though things are now forgotten and part of the past just memories the damage stayed and CHANGED me
Track Name: Mexican TV Shows (brandon)
still dont understand, probably never will either, how life changes
enemies become your friends
close friends suddenly disappear
we all move in the same direction yet we drift apart
as i shed the sorrow of adolescence my dreams are dead
Track Name: the Diamond of the Valley (esequial)
we LOST our MINDS in a dead town
never knew what to do, never knew where to go
(we all fell for it)
the sun sets but it still remains
(this town will EAT us ALIVE)
theres not much for someone like me in this small town so i just ran to the mountains
we found a creek we called it OUR OWN we made a place for us to RUN AWAY
Track Name: Will I Ever... (sylis)
holding on to these memories i slowly watch you go
the night is young but my skin is old so ill just feel the wind
these days are short and these nights are long but i cant sleep a single night
were are we supposed to go
(these days are FADING away)
Track Name: the 3rd Room to the Left (elva)
i said the wrong words the damage is done
believe me darling i'm sorry i am
to take it all back and stop myself from ever hurting you id give it all up but we can never have it back
time only moves forward we can never have it back
but soon ill make it all better ill solve every problem it just takes one choice
Track Name: African Sports Car (alberto)
this life is pointless to heavy for me
im weak not suited for all its troubles
so my friends lets go out and destroy the night
because tomorrow is a death sentence so lets enjoy this night
push it as far as itll go hope that it never ends
have a drink as we watch the city burn
hope that it burns to the ground
my friends your all i have and the world is dying asleep so lets go out and never come back
Track Name: As If We Could Walk On Water (nesh)
these days are long these nights run away
your screaming i act like your wrong but i know your right
its 3am on a saturday night i messed up again
the same story as last week
you cry yourself to sleep
i drown my pain
a wall is growing between us
(break the wall, save me, find me)
Track Name: the Bird that Flew to Far (david)
will i find a place were i feel i belong?
will i ever stop the voices?
will they come for me?
can we fix this?
Track Name: Xeroform (ian)
well i waited all night to see your face
to hold you and feel your soft skin
the stars are out and we could go watch them
dance around just me and you

but as soon as i see you the MONSTER in me wakes up
it hurts you and im left in confusion
were left in silence
we lay in separate beds
this MONSTER is my burden
or maybe an excuse
or maybe i am the monster
or maybe im nothing at all